Ten stories telling the culture of taste


2018 is coming to an end, Christmas is upon us and here at Cupiello we are happy to wish our readers happy holidays. During this year tried to tell about our commitment in the selection of natural ingredients and development of sustainable processes, and about our research for tastier, more digestible and longer friable products. Along this path we have published numerous stories, sometimes joyful, sometimes entertaining, sometimes attractive. We love telling the culture of taste day by


Cupiello training partner for IPE


A high education center such as the IPE (Institute for research and educational activities) based in the heart of the city of Naples offers young graduates a marketing-oriented training program.   Here at Cupiello we are glad to be amongst the sponsors participating in this training initiative. The Master aims to train young professionals with the marketing skills necessary for companies to compete in increasingly complex contexts. The new economy creates increasing challenges


New Cupiello vegan line, a lifestyle


Vegan, the new great trend of the third millennium. Not just a passing fad, but a real new lifestyle, which is spreading like wildfire, in terms of sensitivity and growth of consumers awareness. A way of life that is no longer related only to vegans, vegetarians, and lactose intolerant, but rather to a broader set of consumers: people looking for a greater and more balanced psychophysical well-being, that are learning to give more importance to the sustainability of the processes. The new


Retail Cash&Carry, now also with Fresh Sourdough MadreCupiello.


Cupiello's Retail Line is the ideal pastry for your Cash&Carry. Enriched by new products thanks to our Research and Development laboratories, the Retail Cash&Carry Line has its flagship in Madre Retail products. Our added value is the availability of products based on Fresh Sourdough MadreCupiello also for the Cash & Carry, made even more desirable thanks to the light and communicative design of the new packages. In the Retail line, we find products such as the


Showtime at Sigep - 2018 Collection


You will find the new Cupiello's 2018 Collection at Sigep, from 20th to 24th January, (Fiera di Rimini, Hall B7 Stand 160). We are proud to introduce you the latest news for this just begun 2018, promising to bring many innovative products with a significant improvement of our offer for bars and restaurants.   Briosa - code 1B2424 The amazing brioche. Pride of the 2018 novelties, it is a delicate brioche with Fresh Sourdough MadreCupiello. Its captivating appearence makes


New Movida maxi-croissant is born


The new-born in Cupiello's MotherHouse:  Movida Croissant, the maxi croissant with Fresh Sourdough MadreCupiello. This croissant belongs to the Madre family (products made with fresh sourdough). Its big size, maxi, is one of its strengths,  perfectly fit  for the night-loving foodies; young people, and not only, that love to end their evenings with a tasty sweet  snack. It is perfect to be customized with the preferred fillings, thanks to dosers, sac à poche,


Veneziana, fresh sourdough recipe


Veneziana and Fresh Sourdough. With these two words we can sum up one of the most important current novelty of Cupiello. Frozen bakery is not just croissants with sourdough and chocolate muffins, it is now enriched with recipes enhancing Italian culinary tradition, an extraordinary heritage that in the case of our Veneziana finds its roots in Northern Italy.   Manufactured with soft brioche dough and refined with almonds glace, the Veneziana is a round delicacy,  light and


Sweet and savory croissant, hotel assortment.


Cupiello's hotel assortment covers breakfast, an essential moment for accomodation professionals. Hotel range is designed to satisfy the most demanding needs and preferences, spacing from sweet croissants, savoury croissants, vegan croissants, croissants with fresh sourdough, cakes, muffins, neapolitans and international specialties and a savoury line for continental breakfast lovers. If we have a look in detail at the offer of Cupiello's hotel assortment, we may find several product


New Fresh Sourdough Moonlight Croissant, beauty is never by accident


Some recipes, maybe we could say in life as well as in the kitchen, are born under a lucky star. This is probably the case of the Fresh Sourdough Moonlight Croissant, now finally available in the windows of the main coffee bars, recognizable thanks to the special product tag present inside each cardboard. The Moonlight Croissant, code 2385, is a croissant recipe produced in the Cupiello's MotherHouse made with our special fresh sourdough (have a look at the natural leavening process


Merry Christmas and happy new year


Fresystem this year decided to donate to the "Santobono-Pausilipon Foundation" the amount usually earmarked for the traditional Christmas' gifts. The Foundation Santobono-Pausilipon resumes the values, the spirit and work of the founder of the first Hospital for children in Italy: Duchess Teresa Filangieri Fieschi Ravaschieri, who in 1918 built in Naples, in Via Riviera di Chiaia, a health facility exclusively intended for childhood.   The mission of the Foundation


Cupiello's 2017 novelties


2017 brings tasty news in Cupiello's Mother House. News we will firstly introduce, starting from Saturday, January 21th, at Sigep Ab-Tech 2017, the 5th INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF TECHNOLOGIES AND PRODUCTS FOR BAKERY, PASTRY AND CONFECTIONERY, in Rimini. We will be present in Hall B7 Stand 160, where you might have a dip in our news such as  the VeganCiok orange cake, which enriches the vegan range in line with new consumer trends.   Another novelty is the new


The Neapolis croissant meets with AmarenaFabbri.


The Neapolis croissant meets with AmarenaFabbri. A typical Neapolitan recipe is the secret of the custard and black cherry Neapolis croissant, code 1R2399, (find it in the catalog), which brings all the flavor of the Neapolitan tradition. Among Cupiello's news in 2017, the Neapolis croissant meets with AmarenaFabbri, and the new custard and black cherry filling is really a  triumph of tenderness and flavor. The importance of the ingredients, that as always make of a good


Moonlight Neapolis Croissant seduces everybody


Let the magic of the Neapolis Moonlight Croissant enthrall you! Exceptionally tasty but also beautiful to see. From the Cupiello's Research and Development laboratories, the Moonlight Croissant, code 1R2385, is one of the main Cupiello's novelties for 2017. A croissant with an unique appearance, two-colors soft brioche dough made with our great fresh sourdough, filled with a delicate white chocolate cream and refined with moon shaped sugars to enhance it even further and make it


Our Vegan Croissants certified VeganOK


In line with the consumers’ new needs we have imagined and realized the Cupiello's Vegan  line. The growing attention to a careful ingredients’ selection and the use of strictly sustainable packaging is not only the answer to a renewed sensitivity of consumers on these issues, but it is also and above all an ethical choice that allows us to imagine a more sustainable future, contributing, even in a small way, to build it. Since 2017 our successful Vegan and Vegan


MADRENATURA CUPIELLO the latest development, All Natural Ingredients


With Cupiello Madrenatura, pastry enters a new era, made with gentle care and love for nature. A whole range of frozen fine pastry  that tells the story of timeless flavours where the love for tradition meets the most surprising technology, produced using Only Natural Ingredients, such as wholemeal spelt flour, extra virgin olive oil, butter and free-cage hen eggs. No preservatives, colorings, additives or artificial flavourings. MADRENATURA is produced with


Innovation, taste, sustainability Linea Madre Vegan


The Vegan Madre range of products  is an extraordinary innovation. The real success is the idea of ​​lightness related to the concept of sustainable food, which is becoming a conscious habit for a growing number of consumers. Sustainability which is granted by Cupiello's Fresh Sourdough used in the dough (click to find out more), obtained thanks to our 36 hours slow and natural leavening process. Thanks to this  daily miracle, the croissants are tastier, with higher


A dip in the new (2016)


We never stop… The Research & Development Laboratories of our Casa MadreCupiello constantly work to bring forth new products. At the base of each new development of product there is a careful selection of the ingredients to use, always accompanied by a keen eye on sustainability and taste.     Great launches have characterized the beginning of this 2016. The Mini All Butter Croissant, tasty tidbit of just 22 grams, the Hazelnut King Madre Croissant, with


Discover Pellecchiella variety


At Cupiello we have a clear goal: seeking only ingredients of the highest quality, natural and secure.     The careful selection of all raw materials brings us closer to the consumers: “eating healthy means to raise and improve the quality of our life”, this is what we keep always in mind in all decisions along the production chain.   One example:  all our Croissants and Muffins filled with Apricot Jam. Not a simple apricot preparation of


The new Neapolis croissant


The new Neapolis croissant: softer and nicer. thanks to our Research & Development laboratories, constantly at work to improve the technical preparation of our croissants, here is the new Neapolis croissant, with more butter in the brioche dough and finished with crystal sugar.   Neapolis Croissant Custrad and Amarena Cherry, code 2348 (find it in “Products” section) is just one of the wide range of products made with our exclusive Fresh Sourdough


Cupiello's tips for your bar


What can help to increase the average value of receipts? Here is a short list of tips to improve sales performance within your coffee bar.   OFFER DIVERSIFICATION. Knowing the proper rotation of products, being up to date and experiment, all this allows you to optimize the display of the products on the shelves and windows: let’s suppose a muffin, declined in a dozen flavors, three of which have a much higher turnover rate than the others. Now, if you take away all the


Cupiello supports the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo.


Cupiello is a proud supporting member of the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo. The University of Gastronomic Sciences, founded in 2004 by the international non-profit association Slow Food in cooperation with the Italian regions of Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna, is a ministerially recognized, private non-profit institution supported by many companies of the food sector.  Cupiello actively participates  in the life of the University,  by supporting


Discover our Youtube channel


Here at Cupiello we love communicating through pictures and videos, look at them to find out our passion for taste. On our YouTube channel you will find some clips dedicated to the constant hard work and total abnegation at Cupiello's Motherhouse. Like “MadreCupiello Fresh Sourdough” video,  completely dedicated the daily miracle of our exclusive Cupiello’s Fresh Sourdough process  and its outstanding advantages in terms of taste, digestibility and


Art at Cocktail Bar of Capodichino Airport


Parties are also a time for surprise, that Cupiello, leader in the production of sweets and savory products, every day renews, with its many specialties, from croissants to muffins to all baked goods for the good Italian breakfast, goingfrom the lunch break until serving an aperitif and dessert. This is the leitmotiv that has taken shape in a work of art created for the company by Carla Viparelli, that simply represents, in an artistic manner, their excellence, the result of high-quality


Natural yeast croissants


The natural leavening is obtained using only fresh sourdough Cupiello guarded and refreshed in our Cupiello's Mother House.   The advantages can be summarized in three adjectives: tastier croissants, more digestible and longer friable. As certified by accurate scientific studies conducted at the University of Naples by prof. Danilo Ercolini, professor of microbiology, and prof. Rosario Cuomo, associate professor of gastroenterology. Furthermore the Madrecupiello yeast has a