The Greencare Award, 18th June 2018

The Greencare Award

The GreenCare Award is an extraordinary initiative, which offers acknowledgment to those who work for the protection and enhancement of green areas within the city space.

The award ceremony is scheduled on Monday 18th June 2018 - 6.00 pm - Sala Salvatore D'Amato, Unione Industriali Napoli (piazza dei Martiri, 58).



Here at Cupiello we are proud to be part of the Greencare Award as a sponsor, not just because of our company policy which aims to improve protection of the environment in production processes at all levels, but above all as citizens who recognize the absolute value and psycho-physical wellbeing deriving from the care of urban green spaces.

The Award, which is annual, is assigned to those who create, care and / or implement green areas - garden, park, flower bed, terrace - public or private.


A Green map of Naples

Inside the award website there is also a section entirely dedicated to a map of the green spaces in the city of Naples. An ambitious project, which allows those who have curiosity to discover some of the city's small lungs, following an effective network of sites and related projects.

Look at the green map of Naples


The botanical varieties

Last but not least, as Americans say, the botanical variety section. where we need a little bit of more curiosity to discover the wonderful arboreal varieties present in the city of Naples, native or imported, contributing to spread beauty and light.

Discover the botanical varieties