Custard Treccia Madrenatura Cupiello selected by Sial Innovation 2014

Custard Treccia Madrenatura Cupiello selected by Sial Innovation 2014

The Salon International de l'Agroalimentaire (SIAL), is the largest food innovation observatory in the world, taking place in Paris, from 19 to 23 October 2014. This trade show is dedicated to the agri-food industry, food retail, and institutional and commercial catering.

SIAL Innovation has been a key SIAL event for more than 10 years, a unique opportunity for deciphering consumer trends and innovations in the food markets worldwide.

Cupiello presented Madrenatura Custard Treccia  for the SIAL Innovation 2014 Selection and  we are pound to inform that following the CFS Committee, our product has been chosen by the Jury, made up of independent experts, as part of  the SIAL Innovation Selection for 2014!

Treccia Madrenatura Cupiello will be presentedin the SIAL Innovation 2014 Book and shown on the SIAL Innovation Observatory, competing also for the Grands Prix SIAL Innovation 2014 (Awards), with the Grand Jury announcing the prize winners on the three most innovative products (with gold, silver and bronze prizes). The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on Monday 20 October 2014 at 16:00 during the exhibition.
Custard Treccia is part of the MADRENATURA all Natural Range of bakery products, launched in January 2014, to meet the needs of those who love: high quality food, tasty, light and natural, fully complying with health and Environment.  

Light in its golden pastry finished with sugar, with the unique fragrance of its delicate custard filling, with natural flavors and pasteurized whole milk,  Treccia Madrenatura Cupiello is obtained exclusively from processing excellent and genuine raw materials: free-cage hen eggs, spelt flour, fresh natural yeast, extra virgin olive oil and butter. No hydrogenated fats, preservatives, colorings, additives, mono-diglycerided, artificial flavors or GMO as required by Madrenatura Range.  

Treccia MADRENATURA has all the naturalness and authenticity required by Madrenatura range, resulting from the long and natural leavening of sourdough Cupiello, a mixture constantly refreshed and lovingly maintained for more than 40 years in the Casa MadreCupiello with over 36 hours of natural proving.

MADRENATURA is produced with “Fresystem’s” technology.