Neapolis, neapolitan tradition

Neapolis, neapolitan tradition

All the flavor of the Neapolitan tradition in a brioche croissant with custard and black cherry. From the tradition of a magical and mysterious land, built on the tears of an abandoned siren, Partenope, protected by a castle built on an egg, guarded by the huge shoulders of the "murderous" Vesuvius, Neapolis has born.



The great Neapolitan gastronomic tradition meets the force of MadreCupiello natural yeast, an ingredient that increases croissants digestibility and reduces abdominal discomfort in the ingesting following hours. These properties have also been demonstrated by scientific studies.

The Neapolis croissant is also completely palm oil  free, because it is the result of research and development oriented to sustainable products, healthier for the consumer and at the same time with zero impact on the environmental balance.

A sustainable world is not far. Here at Cupiello we want to go this way.

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