A map of Linea Madre

A map of Linea Madre

Linea Madre is Natural Yeast MadreCupiello.
Madre stands for more good croissants, more digestible and longer friable. The natural yeast ennobles other ingredients generating Madre line gammas.

Today Cupiello Madre line offers a wide selection to satisfy the needs of all consumers, even the most demanding.

When the natural fresh yeast meets 100% natural ingredients it is the birth of Madrenatura. By creating with margarine or butter we generate Madre Margarine, Madre Butter, or if you prefer a little bit of magic with a "butter touch italian style".

Adding cereals inspires Active line, which combined with Vegan (no eggs nor milk), with fat and sugar reduction gives rise to the BuonSenso. Last but not least Neapolis, comes up when natural yeast meets Neapolitan tradition. Discover Croissants Mother within the catalog.


Fantasy is not over, we speak Natural Yeast.