Savoury multigrain croissant becomes beautiful

Savoury multigrain croissant becomes beautiful

The Savoury multigrain croissant becomes beautiful.

The savoury multigrain croissant, already present in the Cupiello catalog Puff Pastry line, Savouries family, has been enriched with new precious ingredients.

It's the latest news from Cupiello's R&D laboratories, the savoury multigrain croissant gets a rich finishing, which includes oatmeal, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and brown flax seeds. Ingredients added to the MadreCupiello natural leavening, a 36-hour process improving taste and digestibility of the products.

The savoury multigrain croissant, code 1R2134N (which replaces the previous 2134M), weighs 66 grams and is distributed in packs of 70 pieces.

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