Innovation, taste, sustainability Linea Madre Vegan

Innovation, taste, sustainability Linea Madre Vegan

The Vegan Madre range of products  is an extraordinary innovation.
The real success is the idea of ​​lightness related to the concept of sustainable food, which is becoming a conscious habit for a growing number of consumers.

Sustainability which is granted by Cupiello's Fresh Sourdough used in the dough (click to find out more), obtained thanks to our 36 hours slow and natural leavening process. Thanks to this  daily miracle, the croissants are tastier, with higher digestibility and longer fresh.  

Madre Vegan line meets the new consumer’s trend, which is constantly growing and segmenting food market, opening new challenges in terms of productive standards and innovation. Vegans, vegetarians, lactose intolerants are just some of the categories that our vegan croissants can satisfy.

Come and discover the Madre Vegan range: Plain Curved Buonsenso Croissant (code 1R2351, -50% sugar, 30% fats); Multigrain & Cranberries Curved Croissant (code 1R2349, filled with cranberries, rich in antioxidants); the vegan plain Croissants (code 1R2347, only 37 grams for Hotel and  code 1R 2304 68grams); the Apricot Curved Vegan Croissant (code 1R2305, 85 grams) and the vegan Carrots Cake (code 1F2294),

Innovation, taste, sustainability: discover the Vegan Madre Line in our catalog