Cupiello\'s tips for your bar

Cupiello's tips for your bar

What can help to increase the average value of receipts? Here is a short list of tips to improve sales performance within your coffee bar.


OFFER DIVERSIFICATION. Knowing the proper rotation of products, being up to date and experiment, all this allows you to optimize the display of the products on the shelves and windows: let’s suppose a muffin, declined in a dozen flavors, three of which have a much higher turnover rate than the others. Now, if you take away all the assortment of muffins, you won't optimize the space but just lose the potential sale of the muffins not exposed.


MANAGING THE PRICE. Alongside the high-rotating products (those on which the consumer evaluates the suitability of the proposal and therefore must be kept at a competitive price), you can add a good variation of references "enriched" with a higher perceived value in order to justify a higher price and therefore a higher margin.

KNOWING THE CUSTOMER. It is important to develop a deep understanding of the type of customers who regularly attend your shop. Are they predominantly male or female? Young, adult or elderly? Based on the answers you should foresee a sales strategy not only for products’ demand, but also oriented towards impulse purchases.

IMPROVING YOUR OFFER BASING ON WHERE YOU ARE. Analyze the location of the coffee bar: beyond the simple geographic location (center, outskirts, transition area) it is important to understand what's around you. A park? Schools? Offices? Stores? Each of these types of habitats can inspire different personalized offers in order to make your store the most "attractive" in the area, influencing that way the frequency of purchases.

OBSERVE AND ACT.  The skilled seller is not only a good speaker and entertainer, but a sales expert, a knower of products as well as of people. A customer-oriented strategy will help you maximize their satisfaction.