Art at Cocktail Bar of Capodichino Airport

Art at Cocktail Bar of Capodichino Airport

Parties are also a time for surprise, that Cupiello, leader in the production of sweets and savory products, every day renews, with its many specialties, from croissants to muffins to all baked goods for the good Italian breakfast, goingfrom the lunch break until serving an aperitif and dessert.

This is the leitmotiv that has taken shape in a work of art created for the company by Carla Viparelli, that simply represents, in an artistic manner, their excellence, the result of high-quality ingredients, and exclusive use of the 'Mother Yeast Cupiello". So, as a welcoming to the passing worldfrom Naples, between acceptance and culture taste, the Viparelli artist has developed "If you know, you will yeast it," a specific-site installation in the shape of large Christmas tree, but with a personnel feature: one walks inside.

The work of art was born from the need to capture attention in a place of passage as the Cocktail Bar of Naples Capodichino Airport, it has the intent to impress. The tree has an entrance and an exit, and anyone inside, in a darkened environment, is embedded in a video animation, projected on the floor. It is immersed in images of Cupiello delicacies, while the sound and smell of baked goods envelops you.

A journey within a journey into the fantastic world of Cupiello, that can only be realized at Christmas but can be enjoyed all year!

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