Moonlight Neapolis Croissant seduces everybody

Moonlight Neapolis Croissant seduces everybody

Let the magic of the Neapolis Moonlight Croissant enthrall you! Exceptionally tasty but also beautiful to see.

From the Cupiello's Research and Development laboratories, the Moonlight Croissant, code 1R2385, is one of the main Cupiello's novelties for 2017. A croissant with an unique appearance, two-colors soft brioche dough made with our great fresh sourdough, filled with a delicate white chocolate cream and refined with moon shaped sugars to enhance it even further and make it unmistakable in the window.

The key factors of this Neapolis Moonlight Croissant:

1) a better differentiation in the window, a different kind of croissant which enriches the offer;

2) perfect for child and young targets;

3) in each carton is present a product-marker;

Neapolis Moonlight Croissant attracts everybody: Tasting is believing!