Our Vegan Croissants certified VeganOK

Our Vegan Croissants certified VeganOK

In line with the consumers’ new needs we have imagined and realized the Cupiello's Vegan  line. The growing attention to a careful ingredients’ selection and the use of strictly sustainable packaging is not only the answer to a renewed sensitivity of consumers on these issues, but it is also and above all an ethical choice that allows us to imagine a more sustainable future, contributing, even in a small way, to build it.

Since 2017 our successful Vegan and Vegan Buonsenso are Veganok certified. This means that all Cupiello's vegan products do not contain any eggs, milk or palm oil. They are 100% vegan products, without exception, as stated in the Veganok certification.

Thanks to the work of our R&D laboratories we have significantly enriched our vegan offer with products such as Vegan BuonSenso croissant, Vegan apple cake and Orange VegancCok monoportion cake. Let's have a look to the main products of the vegan line.

The Curved plain Buonsenso croissant, code 1R2369, with 50% less sugar, 30% less fats and the fresh sourdough is the flagship of the line , a real delight, lighter, tastier and more digestible. The Curved multigrain Buonsenso croissant, code 1R2368 is its variant with 30% less sugar and fats, filled with cranberries, and of course with fresh sourdough (discover Cupiello's fresh sourdough map). Another vegan croissant not to be missed is the  Apricot vegan croissant, code 1R2366, filled with apricot jam from Vesuvius, mainly the "Pellecchiella" variety without added flavors and refined with carrare sugar.

Moving towards the world of cakes we find the vegan apple cake, 1R2376 code, a delicacy with less than 100kcal, with pieces of apple and refined with oatmeal, and on the other side we have the orangeciok monoportion cake, 1R2379 code, a single-portion cake with chocolate in pieces and orange.

Cupiello's passion for the vegan line will keep on improving  our recipes in order to make our vegan offer richer and richer.

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