New Movida maxi-croissant is born

New Movida maxi-croissant is born

The new-born in Cupiello's MotherHouse:  Movida Croissant, the maxi croissant with Fresh Sourdough MadreCupiello.

This croissant belongs to the Madre family (products made with fresh sourdough). Its big size, maxi, is one of its strengths,  perfectly fit  for the night-loving foodies; young people, and not only, that love to end their evenings with a tasty sweet  snack. It is perfect to be customized with the preferred fillings, thanks to dosers, sac à poche, with a putty knife to spread custard or even (above all during summers times) stuffed with ice cream.

Price is also a strength. The Movida can be sold between 1.90€ and 2.50€, placing itself as a highly profitable product, thanks to its versatility, making it an attractive product for everybody.

The Movida Croissant, code 2407, with its weight of 103g, is finished with sugar and eggs, and is a product made with fresh Sourdough MadreCupiello, whose benefits - in terms of taste, digestibility and friability as well as for its impact on sales - have also been scientifically proven (have a look at the relevant scientific studies).

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