Ten stories telling the culture of taste

Ten stories telling the culture of taste

2018 is coming to an end, Christmas is upon us and here at Cupiello we are happy to wish our readers happy holidays. During this year tried to tell about our commitment in the selection of natural ingredients and development of sustainable processes, and about our research for tastier, more digestible and longer friable products. Along this path we have published numerous stories, sometimes joyful, sometimes entertaining, sometimes attractive. We love telling the culture of taste day by day.

Here are the 10 stories, from the recent past, that we keep in our hearts.


1) That time we asked Mr Romano Praturlon, Fresystem Vice President, to tell his passion for sourdough. The concept of fresh sourdough "it is not a chemical thing, we must learn to love it". The enlightening tale of whom has been taking care of Madrecupiello Fresh Sourdough for over 60 years.



2) That time we launched our vegan line...and it was so good, that we couldn’t  stop eating it.

gamma vegana cupiello



3) That time we published the new Fresystem website and we realized that a drawn croissant, actually looks like a real croissant.



4) That time we gathered all our muffins next to each other and we took pictures of them. A lot of pictures: because they are all  beautiful.



5) That time we realized we speak Fresh Sourdough.



6) That time we wanted to tell how to handle and  prepare our croissants and it came out a funny and rhythmic clip, somehow educational for us too.



7) That time, we presented our novelties for the new year and then we colored it all around with pastels.



8) That time we told the story of Pellecchiella Apricot, a miracle of taste that grows on the Vesuvius slopes. And it's orange a lot, seriously orange.



9) That time we did Christmas greetings hanging some trinkets and decorations on a croissant.



10) That time we secretly wanted to see if Fresh Sourdough explodes or if maybe it was an urban legend... and yes: it really explodes!