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Cupiello tells the story of an ancient equilibrium, Where the old love for tradition gets married with the most amazing technology. Cupiello is the Food Service brand of FRESYSTEM spa, Italian Market leader in the production of sweet and savoury deep-frozen bakery products.
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We got a mission to accomplish: bring the italian and neapolitan gastronomic culture all over the world.

Our great passion with a single goal: allow the entire world to discover and taste the deliciousness and high quality of the sweet and savoury italian and neapolitan pastry.

We love italian food.

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Natural Yeast

Natural Yeast cycle: 36h of natural levitation, a miracle every day repeating.

Daily, here the Mother Yeast, with all the care it deserves, undergoes a « loving process » of refreshment till full maturity of more than 36 hours before being sent to the mixture with the ingredients of the dough. And it is here that is born “Linea Madre”, the result of the creativity of Cupiello and of its ability to combine the richest and most wholesome ingredients: flour, eggs, sugar, butter and Natural Yeast.

Natural yeast, also known as Mother Yeast or Sourdough is a mixture of flour, water and sugar, mixed together and constantly refreshed, able to start fermentation resulting in the characteristic swelling. Once obtained, Mother Dough is kept alive and reproduced by successive refreshments, ie periodic mixtures with certain quantities of fresh flour and water. The micro-organisms that compose it in fact need to be constantly fed and given the opportunity to reproduce.

This way... simply, thanks to time and refreshments, is born Mother Yeast Cupiello, that gives our products unique features including unequalled taste, smell and softness. Thanks to this ancient tradition are obtained more delicate doughs, rich in flavors, since the slow rising, enriched by a set of natural enzymes, develops precious bouquets which improve the mixture and make it as one of a time.

Fresh sourdough from Cupiello's MotherHouse

Our strenght

Cornetti prepared with MadreCupiello natural yeast are 100% more digestible

(*)Cornetti prepared with MadreCupiello natural yeast are 100% preferred, because 4 hours after the digestion they cause less addominal and gastric pains than the ones prepared with brewer's yeast.

(**)MadreCupiello Natural Yeast is mainly composed by "lactobacillus sanfranciscensis" that guarantees unique advantages.

(***) Antimicrobial :
- slower staling process
- antimoulda
- prevention of ropy alteration

(*) COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF THE ACCEPTABILITY AND IMPACT ON THE DIGESTIVE PROCESS OF TWO CORNETTI PREPARED RESPECTIVELY WITH CUPIELLO NATURAL YEAST AND WITH BREWER'S YEAST. Method Double Blind: neither the subjects nor the moderator know the aim of the research. Sample: 30 people. Rosario Cuomo, Associate Professor of Gastroenterology Dpt of Clinical Medicine and Surgery, Federico II University Hospital School of Medicine
(**) STUDY OF MICROBIAL DIVERSITY IN SOURDOUGHS USED FOR THE PRODUCTION OF NATURALLY LEAVENED CORNETTI MADRECUPIELLO Method: Metagenomic analysis Danilo Ercolini, Associate Professor of Microbiology Department of Agriculture - Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II
(***) CHARACTERISTICS OF LACTOBACILLUS SANFRANCISCENSIS Functional and Technological Aspects of Sourdough Fermentation whith LACTOBACILLUS SANFRANCISCENSIS Gamze Yazar e Sebnem Tavman


Respect for environment

ISO 14001 Environmental Certification - Emas Registration

100% recyclable waste is recycled
100% use of cartons recycled in proximity
Reduction of not recyclable waste
Reduction from 2009 to 2013 per kg of product:
produced waste: -53%
CO2 emission: -6%
water: -35%


SA8000 Social accountability International Human Rights at work certification

No Gmo
No hydrogenated fats
Barn eggs
RSPO Massbalance Palm Oil


BRC International Certification - IFS International Certification

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