A family history


The italian and neapolitan gastronomic culture all over the world.

Cupiello tells the story of an ancient equilibrium, Where the old love for tradition gets married with the most amazing technology. Cupiello is the brand of FRESYSTEM spa, Italian Market leader in the production of sweet and savoury deep-frozen bakery products. We got a mission to accomplish: bring the italian and neapolitan gastronomic culture all over the world.

We are a company made by people future-oriented and held together by a common goal: rediscover the genuineness of the Italian pastry.

We love italian food!

26h of natural leavening


Natural Yeast cycle: a miracle every day repeating.

Daily, here MadreCupiello Fresh Sourdough, with all the care it deserves, undergoes a « loving process » of refreshment till full maturity of more than 36 hours before being sent to the mixture with the ingredients of the dough. And it is here that is born “Linea Madre”, the result of the creativity of Cupiello and of its ability to combine the richest and most wholesome ingredients: flour, eggs, sugar, butter and Fresh Sourdough MadreCupiello.

The culture of taste

Ingredients as natural as possible

Processes as industrial as possible

Taste and appearance as artisanal as possible