DOLCEMELE “MELINDA” by Cupiello 368g

DOLCEMELE “MELINDA” by Cupiello 368g

Dolcemele Melinda by Cupiello is a monoportion cake with 50% fresh apples from Val di Non. Each cake contains 1/2 apple Melinda. Thaw & serve: ready in one minute in the microwave with the function defrost.


The most loved cake by Italians
from today becomes the protagonist of the frozen aisle
> good, beautiful and healthy
> immediately ready (1 minute to defrost it in the microwave)
> perfect for every moment (breakfast, snack, dessert)
> protagonist for the high quality of the Melinda brand with a brand awareness* of 97%.

*70% of the Italian population, if they think of an apple, think of Melinda is the result of the survey conducted by Lexis Research, one of the leading international research institutes, on the penetration of the Melinda brand..

DolceMele Melinda by Cupiello - video

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