Ischia double dough plain croissant with ICING BOTTLE

Ischia double dough plain croissant with ICING BOTTLE

“Ischia” double dough croissant with ICING BOTTLE combines puff pastry with brioche dough, and stands out for its innovative, beautiful shape, shorter and more rounded, typical of finest artisan pastry. Beautiful as it is … amazing with your touch! Ideal for pastry shops: glaze, fill or finish as you prefer. Perfect to customize with charming finishings.

Bakery deep-frozen preproved raw product ready-to-bake, with MadreCupiello fresh sourdough, leavened 26 hours, which makes the product more delicious and longer fresh. MadreCupiello fresh sourdough is guarded and refreshed in our MadreCupiello’s house.

Without artificial flavours, without hydrogenated fats, Genetically Modified Organism free.


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