Cupiello Pellecchiella Apricot jam, without added flavourings, from the Vesuvius national park

The true taste of nature!

for the filling “most loved by Italians”.

Apricot jam from the vesuvius national park

“Pellecchiella” variety

without added flavourings.

For the first time in industrial production, a jam without added flavorings is used for the filling that the Italians love the most: the jam of “Pellecchiella” Apricots from Vesuvius National Park. Aggiunto: Pellecchiella is a protected variety, still cultivated today with traditional methods and distinguished by the Community recognition “PGI” (Protected Geographical Indication). Its consistent and sugary yellow pulp combined with its intense aroma make it one of the most tasty and valuable apricots in the area. Not to mention its unique organoleptic properties that allow you to limit the use of sucrose and artificial flavors. These features and many others make the Pellecchiella apricot jam perfect to enrich Cupiello products.


“Clean Label” ingredients: a natural choice!

Cupiello Clean Label means short, clear and understandable food labels, with only natural ingredients. The selection of natural, controlled and high quality ingredients, combined with the Italian origin of the raw materials, represents for Cupiello a decisive choice in favor of food sustainability. The use on an industrial scale of a jam without added flavorings also contributes to the conservation of biodiversity and the development of the local economy. In addition, with the NoPlasticBox commitment, Cupiello makes baked goods travel in plastic-free packaging, to reduce the “foodprint”, that is the impact that our food has on the environment. Have breakfast in full respect of nature!

Find out Cupiello croissants, viennoiseries and muffins with “Pellecchiella” apricot jam.