Cupiello CuordiMadre Hotel, perfect for customers on vacation!!

Perfect for customers on vacation!

Tastier, more digestible and ideal for plasticfree accommodation facilities and municipalities.

An high quality breakfast in a packaging without plastic to serve plastic-free municipalities and accommodation facilities: CuordiMadre® croissants – also available in the HOTEL size (40-55g) – are packaged in a NO PLASTIC BOX in full respect of nature. Cardboard box and packing tape are recyclable as paper; in the box, the croissants are contained in an envelope made of 100% biodegradable filma, 100% recyclable in the compostable. BEYOND THE CONTENT … THE CONTAINER!



Municipalities and environment: almost 70% of regional county seats adopted a plasticfree policy
SOURCE: “Osservatorio appalti verdi 2020” set up by Legambiente and Fondazione Ecosistemi

CuordiMadre® is the best choice for a perfect Italian breakfast: Fresh Sourdough MadreCupiello, 26 hours of natural leavening and a list of all-natural ingredients.
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