Cupiello "Già Cotti"

Cupiello “Thaw & serve”: the goodness of the simple things.

Cupiello “Thaw & serve” range products are designed for a simple and flexible consumption: ready to serve after brief thawing!
They are ideal for all places of consumption without an oven and which have little space available for storing products:
• beach facilites
• beach bar
• campsites
• sport centers


Cupiello “Thaw & serve” products have the advantage of being ready for sale and easy to serve, allowing you to manage the counter assortment more quickly and with lower operating costs.

Only to be defrosted!

A temperatura ambienteCon microonde
Cupiello “Thaw & serve” family includes a wide range of products: muffins, mono-portion cakes, donuts and the brand new veg-meals.