Cupiello: vegan latest news for Retail and Cash&Carry

Cupiello enhances its assortment for Retail e Cash&Carry with world exclusive highly innovative products, with a focus on vegan proposals.

Vegan sourdough pain aux agrumes - 380g 4pcs

Fagotto Gusto ACE retail, in busta da 4pz - 380 g.

With fresh carrots in the dough, extra filled with italian citrus fruits and sprinkled with cane sugar. With MadreCupiello fresh sourdough, leavened 26 hours. Vegan range with V-Label Vegan certificate. Ready to bake. Bag 380g, 4 pcs

Vegan carrots monoportion cake - 616g 8pz

Vegan carrots monoportion cake, with over 13% of fresh carrots and almond flour and grains. Palm free. Without hydrogenated fats. VeganOk certified. Thaw & Serve: it is a pre-cooked frozen product, only to be defrosted at room temperature or with the microwave, ready in 80 seconds. Bag: 616g, 8pcs

Leader in the foodservice and organized catering market, Cupiello leads the frozen bakery section in large scale distribution as well, thanks to a unique assortment for breadth and variety, world exclusive and highly innovative products.
Cupiello is also the leading supporter and promoter of the use of Fresh Sourdough in bakery, for more delicious and longer fresh products!

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