New Cupiello vegan line, a lifestyle

New Cupiello vegan line, a lifestyle

Vegan, the new great trend of the third millennium.
Not just a passing fad, but a real new lifestyle, which is spreading like wildfire, in terms of sensitivity and growth of consumers awareness. A way of life that is no longer related only to vegans, vegetarians, and lactose intolerant, but rather to a broader set of consumers: people looking for a greater and more balanced psychophysical well-being, that are learning to give more importance to the sustainability of the processes.

The new Cupiello Vegan line is the fruit of this renewed awareness and the result of a long commitment and a constant research. Nowadays the goodness and lightness of the croissants made with Fresh Sourdough MadreCupiello, without fat of animal origin and therefore suitable to respond to the new market trends: vegan, vegetarian and lactose intolerant, are a consolidated reality.



The wide offer of vegan croissants is represented by products such as the Plain Curved Multigrain Buonsenso Croissant, VeganOk certified, made with our special Sourdough, with 50% less of sugar and 30% less of fat, finished with cane sugar and buckwheat seeds (code 1R2369), or its Cranberries filled version (code 2368).

Very tasty also the Apricot Vegan Sourdough Curved Croissant, Sprinkled with carrare sugar and filled with Apricot Jam, without added flavourings, from the Vesuvius National Park.

The vegan innovative products are also relevant, such as the Apple minicake 100kcal, Sprinkled with oat flakes, VeganOk certified (code 1F2376), as well as the Orange Veganciok Cake or the Carrot Cake, (codes 1F2379 and 1F2294).

The strength of the new Cupiello Vegan Line

Cupiello Vegan line is the result of the tireless work of our Research & Development laboratories that constantly work to enrich and improve it. Our vegan products are completely butter-free, eggs-free, milk-free, although keeping their characteristics of taste, lightness and softness thanks to the use of our Fresh Sourdough MadreCupiello, ingredient with extraordinary properties that we have been guarding and refreshing in our Cupiello MotherHouse for over 60 years.


Accurate Scientific studies ascertain that it is possible to affirm that products made with Fresh Sourdough are tastier, more digestible and longer friable.