Our daily Madre fresh sourdough

A miracle that repeats itself for 60 years to make
our cornetti
more delicious, easier to digest*, longer fresh.

Daily, at Cupiello’s Mother House, the “Mother Yeast”, with all the care it deserves, undergoes a “loving process” of refreshments till full maturity of more than 36 hours.

*Source: “Comparative analysis on the acceptability on the digestive processes of two cornetti prepared respectively with cupiello fresh sourdough and with brewer’s yeast.” – Prof. Cuomo

Our Researches
Croissants prepared with Fresh Sourdough MadreCupiello are:

+ delicious

are 100% preferred (*)

+ digestible

preferred because 4 hours
after the digestion, they
cause less abdominal
and gastric pains than
the ones prepared with
brewer’s yeast.

+ longer fresh

Fresh Sourdough MadreCupiello
is mainly composed by
“lactobacillus sanfranciscensis”
that guarantees unique advantages.
Antimicrobial properties:
– slower staling process
– anti-mould
– prevention of ropy alteration