The best of MadreCupiello Fresco yeast and quality raw materials with a “clean” label. NO artificial flavors, NO artificial colors, NO preservatives, NO E471, PLASTIC NO BOX

Cupiello enriches its offer for the Italian breakfast out-of-home with a larger selection of croissants “CuordiMadre” which includes 5 items: plain, with “Pellecchiella” natural apricot jam, hazelnut, chantilly cream and whole meal multigrain. The new Croissants CuordiMadre are exclusively made with natural ingredients such as flour, barn eggs, butter and sugar. To these is added the Fresh Sourdough MadreCupiello: precious element at the heart of the great quality, delicacy and unique flakiness of Cupiello’s products which are therefore tastier and easy to digest.