Discover the italian best seller frozen bakery vegan range! Thanks to R&D department, our 2022 vegan croissants stand out for a larger shape, more charming finishings, more inviting appearance. Thanks to 20% MadreCupiello fresh sourdough they are even more delicious and longer fresh. Always one step ahead!

Aiming at meeting the needs of increasingly segmented and demanding customers, Cupiello presents it “Wellicious” Vegan product line, a mix of wellness and deliciousness specially designed for vegan, vegetarians and lactose intolerants - but not only for them. Also for lightness seekers and for those attentive to wellness and new lifestyle trends such as the "flexitarian" diet. The range offers a wide assortment of croissants, all with Fresh Sourdough MadreCupiello. So much taste, so much choice, it’s Vegan too!

Madre Vegan Croissant