The range for consumers who seek the highest quality in all aspects: rich and natural ingredients, inimitable taste and ECO-friendly packaging. The perfect 100% natural breakfast. No preservatives – No mono-diglycerides – No artificial flavourings

With its “Madrenatura” Range Cupiello marks a new dawn for the Frozen Pastry industry, thanks to products that are the result of technological innovation, genuineness and top-quality ingredients. It consists of a new range of croissants and frozen pastries as natural as possible, designed to respect the health and the environment and dedicated to those who want to eat well, light and natural. The list of ingredients is in fact very short, easy to understand and comforting. Hence, consumers can have at first sight clear in mind what is NOT included in the recipes: no preservatives, no food colors, no mono-diglycerides, no artificial flavors, no GMOs, no hydrogenated fats.  At the same time, they are reassured by the presence of ingredients such as barn eggs, extra virgin olive oil, whole meal spelt flour and Fresh Sourdough MadreCupiello. The quality of this dough derives from the fact that it has been guarded and refreshed for over 40 years in the mother house of Cupiello with over 36 hours of natural leavening. Thanks to the Fresh Sourdough MadreCupiello, Madrenatura products acquire a unique taste and aroma and greater freshness.

Genuineness and Naturalness are keywords of the Madrenatura project. And respect for Nature and Environment stands-out also from the packaging chosen: made with 100% recyclable and eco-sustainable materials. Indeed, with Madrenatura it’s the first time that a production plant uses Greenbox®, a box made with 100% recycled and Fsc® certified paper and with water-based inks and glues free of plasticizers. Greenbox® has a weight 10% lower than the previous packaging and comes entirely from the recycling of the mill system mill paper. Even the Oxo bag that contains the products, as well as the tape used to close the packages, are completely biodegradable.

Madrenatura was conceived with the advice of Luca Montersino, one of the most authoritative Italian pastry chefs in the world, a TV face and point of reference for the alternative and healthy pastry. His philosophy starts from the assumption that eating healthy means eating well, lightly and naturally; therefore, healthy should not be regarded as synonym of dietetic.

MadreNatura Croissant

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