Veg Meals Cupiello: a new range of products based on vegetable proteins!

Get inspired!

Veg Meals is the range of products based on soy and wheat vegetable proteins, tasty from the first taste.

Veg Meals allows you to offer delicious and easy to prepare options that can cater for every diner’s preferences and needs. Using high-quality ingredients, the plant-based meat alternatives in the Veg Meals range delivers an appetising experience that provides a source of plant based protein and fibre.

Veg Meals products have been developed by our chefs, for chefs.

At Veg Meals, we place an emphasis on:

  • certified V-Label®
  • source of protein
  • source of fiber
  • GMO free
  • no compromise on taste and texture
  • quick and easy to prepare
  • versatile cooking methods
  • provide the ability to create a wide range of dishes

Why not try something new? Create inspiring plant-based meals, come up with wonderful vegan and vegetarian menu ideas and keep ahead of the trends for the future.

  • Sensational BurgerSensational Burger
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    Sensational Burger Garden Gourmet®

    SKU: 1C12447211

  • Cotoletta VegetarianaCotoletta Vegetariana
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    Vegetarian Cotoletta Garden Gourmet®

    SKU: 1C12439523